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Fun Family Destinations to Visit This Summer

Wow Family Destinations are crazy, if you are like me when you hear the words "family" and "destination" together, what places come to mind? Often we think of the most popular or heavily advertised places. And these can certainly be fun. But where does a family go when they are looking for something off the beaten path, and desire a ...

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Five Easy Ways to Boost Energy

Do you need a boost energy? I am sure you know that feeling rested is an important factor in being able to accomplish everything you need to. When you are overtired, it can make the minutes drag out and make you feel incapable of getting anything done. What should you do when you are exhausted, and want to get rid of ...

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Eight Ideas for Avocados

When it comes to avocado, do you think guacamole? Well, there are more ways to enjoy avocado than just in Mexican dishes. And if you aren’t eating more avocado, then you really should start. This vegetable is such a great source of those non-saturated fats that are good for you, and it’s also high in protein. It's a filling and ...

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Is Free-Range Parenting Right for You?

Free-range Parenting? You may be wondering why on earth would I do that. As parents, we love our children with all our hearts. It is our natural instinct to want to protect them and keep them safe from every possible negative experience. As a result, we sometimes become overprotective. This in turn leads to stifling and can stunt our child’s ...

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Dealing with someone who believes that they know everything? Here’s what to do

How to Dealing with Know-It-Alls

Know it alls are all around us. It is wonderful to find friends who are great sources of knowledge and information. It is quite challenging, though, to deal with those who simply think that they know it all. This type of person has unlimited advice and personal stories no matter what situation you are facing, and they cannot put it ...

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