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Can You Trust Your Parenting Instincts?

Parenting instincts are one of those things we often question. As a parent, there is seemingly no end to the tips and advice you get from guides, parenting gurus or other parents. With words of wisdom so readily available, many parents look to other sources for help over their own parental instincts. Is raising your child best left to the ...

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Pistachio - Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Are you eating pistachio  on a regular basis? If not, then you might want to consider doing so. The health benefits and nutritional value of pistachios is astounding. So to live a healthier lifestyle, why not start with some tasty pistachios? Not convinced that just because we say they are healthy and full of nutritional value, you should start making them ...

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How to Help With Your Child Writing

You can help your child writing. Do you have a writer in the family if so you will love Your Child’s Writing Life. Children are like blank slates. They see the world in new and exciting ways. When they show an interest in a particular activity, whether it be writing, cooking, drawing or working with their hands in some ...

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The Perfect Lie We Tell Ourselves

The perfect lie, this is something we tell ourselves probably every day. Last week at church, the young women watched a video called 'The Perfect Lie', On our way home we discuss things that we learned and went over during church, my daughter didn't say anything special when I asked her about how her classes went on the way home. It ...

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Socialize Your Way Out of Winter Blues

When you’re feeling down you often want to be alone. The last thing you want to do is socialize. However, the company of others may be exactly what’s needed to beat the winter blues.   Laughter When you socialize with others there’s generally a lighter, more jovial mood. Surrounding yourself with laughter and happiness, even if you’re not feeling light and happy, can ...

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