10 All Time Favorite Easter Candies

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What is your Favorite Easter Candies? Every candy lover has a favorite. It could be a yummy chocolate anything or maybe even a fruit flavored something but one thing is for sure: If you are giving an Easter basket this year then you probably have an idea of what favorite candies you will be searching for up and down the aisles at your local store.

However, if you haven’t yet thought about what to put in your Easter baskets (and even if you have) then we’ve compiled a list of 10 all time favorites for your consideration.

Our Top 10 Favorite Easter Candies


SweeTart Eggs

Shaped like chicks, ducks, bunnies & eggs, SweeTarts are just like you remember from your childhood. Slightly sweet – a little tart and if you eat too many you just might get sick. They haven’t forgotten chocolate lovers either. If you look really hard you just might be able to find a hollow chocolate egg with SweeTart candy inside.

Jelly Beans

Whether or not you actually eat them, with approximately 14 billion sold each year, you probably expect them in your Easter basket. An Easter candy staple since the 1930’s, these fruit flavored sugary beans now come in almost any flavor imaginable thanks to the Jelly Belly Company.

Chocolate Bunnies

If you love chocolate, then you love your chocolate bunnies. Solid, hollow, milk or dark – ears or feet first – all that matters to you is there is one located somewhere in your Easter basket. A chocolate bunny is chocolate -’nough said.



A marshmallow confection in a rainbow of pastel colors for spring, Peeps is an Easter basket mainstay. Take your pick – yellow, pink, lavender, blue & green ; bunnies, chicks, tulips, eggs in orange cream or you can decorate your own and a personal favorite -a yellow chick inside a chocolate egg (yep, I said chocolate).

Chocolate Candy Bars

Your favorite every day candy bar just became your favorite Easter candy bar all dressed up for the holiday. Virtually anything the Nestle, Mars or Cadbury companies make is put on offer for Easter. Kit Kat does bunny ears while Snickers, Almond Joy & Milky Way all offer egg shaped confections.

Cadbury Crème Eggs

Hershey’s manufactures sells Cadbury in the US but reserves sales of the Crème & Caramel Eggs only for the Easter season. If you’re not familiar with the crème eggs, they are a yummy concoction of a thick milk chocolate shell with white & yellow fondant cream inside mimicking the egg white & yolk. They are a sticky sweet treat for the season.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg

What more do you have to say. There’s peanut butter in the chocolate and chocolate in the peanut butter – like the old advertisement says. Made by the Hershey company and slightly larger than a regular peanut butter cup the Reese’s peanut butter egg never fails to impress. Make sure to put in more than one.

Robin Eggs

Tasty, egg shaped, malted milk candy in a pastel colored candy coating Robin Eggs are a nifty treat for your taste buds. Several companies make similar candies and some even have great flavors like strawberry milkshake. They are sometimes packed in tiny egg cartons to add to the Easter theme.


Each year Pez comes out with a new Easter themed dispenser for their timeless candy. This would be a perfect addition the your favorite collector’s Easter basket.

M & Ms

Along with themed dispensers, M & M candies put on their Easter best for the season. They even offer personalized candy if you order from their website so put on your favorite bunny suit and upload that photo to create your Easter candy surprise.

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Now that you have a few ideas of what to put inside your Easter basket you just have to decide what shape your basket will take and if you’ll use plastic or edible Easter grass. Yep, there is such a thing.

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